Officers of the Society can be contacted by email:


Graham Chesters

Deputy Chair Education Officer

Lyn Lockwood

General Secretary

(post currently vacant)


Thomas Gordon

Membership Secretary

Carole Collison

Events Organisers

Rachael Galletley, Kyra Piperides Jaques, Philip Pullen

Journal and E-Newsletter Editor

Kyra Piperides Jaques

Literary Adviser

James Booth

External Liaison, Media and Publicity

Philip Pullen 


Simon Wilson

Education Officer and Podcast Editor

Lyn Lockwood

Merchandising Officer

Rachael Galletly

Larkin100 Lead

Philip Pullen

Website Design
Human Design

Alternatively, we can be contacted by mail, by sending a letter F.A.O. the individual concerned to:

The Philip Larkin Society
226 Westella Road,
West Ella,
HU10 7RS
United Kingdom

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