Serious Earth: Philip Larkin’s American Tape
(The Watershed recording)

by James L. Orwin

From About Larkin 25, April 2008

Tireless play: speculations on Larkin’s ‘Absences’

by Graham Chesters

From Challenges of Translation in French Literature: Studies and Poems in Honour of Peter Broome, ed. R. Bales (Peter Lang, Bern, 2005), pp. 47-59

On First Looking into Larkin’s The Less Deceived

by AT Tolley

From About Larkin 18, Autumn 2004

Jane Exall: “A bosomy English rose”

by Suzuyo Kamitani

From About Larkin 16, October 2003

Larkin, Pym and Romantic Sympathy

by John Bayley

From About Larkin 14, October 2002

Philip Larkin and me, or you: the democratic appeal of his poetry

by Jean Hartley

Jean Hartley examines the broad appeal of Larkin’s poetry, and his wish for it to be so.

From About Larkin 13, April 2002


by J. Douglas Porteous

From About Larkin 8, October 1999

Philip Larkin: a Psycho-Literary Scetch

by R.L. Brett

From About Larkin 7, April 1999

Poetry and Prejudice: Sexual Politics in ‘Sunny Prestatyn’

by Edward Reiss

From About Larkin 7, April 1999

Larkin at Hull

by John Kenyon

From About Larkin 6, Winter 1998/99

My Particular Talents: Philip Larkin’s 42-year career as a Librarian

by Richard Goodman

From About Larkin 4, October 1997

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