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Could wish to lose hands

November 2007 Nomination: Could wish to lose hands [before September 1940. From Philip Larkin: Early Poems and Juvenilia] Many reviewers of Philip Larkin: Early Poems and Juvenil (Ed. A T

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As Bad as a Mile

October 2007 Nomination: As Bad as a Mile [9 February 1960. From The Whitsun Weddings] When ‘As Bad as a Mile’ was first published in the University of

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September 2006 Nomination: Neurotics [March–April 1949. From Collected Poems (1988)] What surprises me most about ‘Neurotics’ is that fact that its author doesn’t seem to have valued it very

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This Be The Verse

July 2006 Nomination: This Be The Verse [April ? 1971. From High Windows] For me, ‘This Be The Verse’, with its tort timing and unambiguous accessibility, epitomizes all

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June 2006 Nomination: Posterity [17 June 1968. From High Windows] There are so many of Philip Larkin’s poems I could select as my poem of the month, but

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May 2006 Nomination: Aubade [29 November 1977. The Times Literary Supplement 23 December 1977] ‘Aubade’ was published in the Times Literary Supplement in December, 1977. Regarded as his last great poem,

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Sunny Prestatyn

April 2006 Nomination: Sunny Prestatyn [October 1962? From The Whitsun Weddings] ‘Sunny Prestatyn’ from Larkin’s second collection The Whitsun Weddings is perhaps the nearest he gets to pop-art and in

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Church Going

March 2006 Nomination: Church Going [28 July 1954. From The Less Deceived] ‘Church Going’, from Larkin’s 1955 collection The Less Deceived, stands out as a masterpiece of rhetoric, introducing

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The Building

February 2006 Nomination: The Building [9 February 1972. From High Windows] Looking down the list of previously chosen ‘Poems of the Month’ it was no surprise to find

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‘A l’herba’ Philip Larkin’s ‘At Grass’. A wonderful Catalonian version by August Garcia I Orri

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