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Anthony Thwaite


July 2012 Nomination: Wires [4 November 1950. From The Less Deceived] I think this was the very first poem I ever read by Larkin. It was published in The Spectator in the issue of 2 October 1953. I was an undergraduate at Oxford at the

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The Trees

September 2010 Nomination: The Trees [2 June 1967. From High Windows] I have chosen ‘The Trees’, which I first published in the New Statesman when I was literary editor, on 17 May 1968. I also like the fact that it was one of the first

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The Whitsun Weddings

August 2001 Nomination: The Whitsun Weddings [18 October 1958. From The Whitsun Weddings] This is one of the three or four really spacious, almost symphonic Larkin poems, alongside ‘Church Going’, ‘The Building’, and ‘Aubade’. One of the reasons why I have a special

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