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‘About Larkin’ 45

The April 2018 edition of ‘About Larkin’ has now been published and constitutes a bumper edition of Lrkin-related items. It includes the previously unpublished correspondence which Philip Larkin wrote to Mary Wrench (later Judd), a member of the library  staff at the University of Hull. As James Booth states in his editorial, their relationship “was one of affection and respect rather than romance.”

Coverage of Society events include the walk conducted by Philip Pullen as part of the 2017 Beverley Walking Festival and the Jazz Evening held on 2nd December 2017. There are reviews of Writers and their mothers, edited by Dale Salwak which includes an essay on Larkin’s mother, Eva, and of Jonathan Tulloch’s Larkinland. There are also original poems by Audrey Dunne, Andrew Thomas, David Green and Layton Ring.

The issue also includes a fascinating piece by James Booth based on Alec Gill’s acclaimed photographic exhibition, ‘The Hessle Roaders’ which depicts Hull in the 1960s and 70s in ways that Larkin would have recognised and appreciated.

‘About Larkin’ is free to members of the Philip Larkin Society.



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