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‘Happy Birthday Philip Larkin’

On Wednesday 9th August, in celebration of what would have been Philip Larkin’s 95th birthday, the University of Hull and the Philip Larkin Society welcomed around 50 guests  to an informal evening of poetry and jazz in the Brynmor Jones Library.


Version 2

Prior to the event, visitors had the opportunity to view the New Eyes Each Year Exhibition and were given a guided tour of the library building ending up on the fabulous seventh floor which became transformed into an after hours jazz lounge, with welcome drinks and a poetry recital.




The view is fine from fifty,

Experienced climbers say’


Chairman Eddie Dawes reads ‘The View’






“Why Coventry!” I exclaimed.  “I was born here.”

Philip Pullen recalls Larkin’s Coventry ‘roots’ and reads ‘I Remember, I Remember.’








‘Here silence stands like heat.’

Carole Collinson reads Larkin’s great Hull poem ‘Here.’




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