The Righteous Jazz CD by The Mechanicals Band



The Righteous Jazz CD by The Mechanicals Band

Larkin’s lyrics set to music by this very talented band from Coventry. Their tune ‘Horns of Morning’ is the theme to the ‘Tiny In All That Air’ podcast.

A selection of Larkin’s poems is given a vocal melody and a musical body by the double bass, guitar, viola, violin and drums of the band, with the occasional addition of trumpet, and serve to take the words off the page and into our ears in an altered but faithful form that evokes elements of classical, folk and jazz music elements but creates something altogether new.

Of the 8 pieces featured on this recording 5 were featured in the stage show The Righteous Jazz which was performed in the poet’s hometown of Coventry and in his city of residence for 30 years, Hull.

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