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Larkin Day

Three years in the making, a long and difficult journey through pandemic, lockdown and huge funding difficulties and we made it through. Larkin100 finally got off the ground, and it flies beautifully!

What a day we had! What a celebration! An amazing event at Hull Truck Theatre started the day in a perfect way, showing us just what Hull offers to poets and musicians and dancers, as a place to write, sing and perform. And then into the evening an inspired performance from the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage at the University’s Middleton Hall. A short stroll away, in the Brynmor Jones Library, ‘Larkinworld’ re-established itself in the in the form of D J Roberts’ wonderful exhibition. And not just in Hull. Tributes, reflections, inspiration flooded in from across the world via social media.

We thought we might share just a few of the many images and memories of what Simon Armitage rightfully called ‘Larkin Day’.

‘Finding Home’ Hull Truck Theatre

Writer and broadcaster, Matthew Sweet            The Mechanicals Band

Vicky Foster and The Broken Orchestra.                Imtiaz Dharker


 Simon Armitage at Middleton Hall

And this really is just the beginning. There will be a host of Larkin-inspired events across the country throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to check our website and Twitter account for updates.

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